Tabacco 1815 - 100 ml with Stick diffusers

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Tabacco 1815 celebrates a Florentine legend. The warm fragrance of blond tobacco, the spicy notes of cinnamon and absinthe, the perfect embrace of vanilla and amber evoke emotions immersed in elegance and classic style. The elegant decanters spread aromas synonym of history, tradition and luxury.


Tabacco 1815 celebrates the birth of a Florentine legend: the full-bodied notes of tobacco intertwine with the spicy ones of cloves and Ceylon cinnamon and are then softened by the embrace of Madagascar vanilla beans.

It is the scent of a tradition that was born by pure chance and which today celebrates 200 years of history.

Tabacco 1815 is best placed in living rooms, professional studios, reading and meditation rooms.

Tabacco 1815 - ml. 100 with stick diffusers

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Tabacco 1815
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