Fragranze Fiorentine

offers a selection of the best scents for the environment, a unique and sophisticated bouquet of bouquets to give a touch of personality to every corner of the home.

Wise combinations of flowers, fruits, spices and wood give birth to aromas that stimulate the senses and relax the mind, spreading a feeling of well-being and vitality.

Ingredients chosen with meticulous care and elaborated according to sophisticated techniques, give rise to exclusive fragrances in which, as in the best traditions, blend classic and modern.

An indissoluble link, as well as that with the city of Florence, often recalled in the fragrances proposed.

And if Marilyn Monroe was always in bed with just two drops of perfume, and for Joybell she never completely dressed without, then give her home a fragrance, her essence, to welcome you and your guests in an unforgettable atmosphere .

Because smell is a primordial sense and often memories more than an image are related to a scent