Speziato Fiorentino - Transparent Glass Decanter

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For some they are synonymous of home, for others of joy and conviviality: a familiar scent of homely and festive atmosphere magic for both children and adults. The top notes of orange, lemon or mandarin are perfectly blended with cinnamon and cloves. Made to recall intense and indelible family time memories, this fragrance suite in those areas where usually families and friends spend time together


From the exquisite transparency of this decanter stand out the amber colour of SPEZIATO FIRENTINO,  a symphony of scents, reminding of  simple aromas and lovely days.

A homage to one of the most admired and lovely cities in the world, keeper of timeless artistic and architectonic beauties.  For the moments worth sharing with the ones we love... in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. 

Speziato Fiorentino Glass decanter


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Room Fragrances
Living area
Olfactory Pyramid
Citrus Fragrances
Spicy Fragrances
Florentine spices

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