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Fiore Spray Gun

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White flowers with sophisticated and sensual tones: gardenia, narcissus, jasmine enhance the typically feminine character of this fragrance, sweet and seductive but also strong and refined: a fascinating and provocative bouquet, for a chic and sophisticated environment.

Size 500 ml


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Room fragrance available in 500 ml spray gun in black PET lacquered.

You can also purchase this format in all the scents of the Teatro Fragranze Uniche line. It can also be used as a refill.

FLOWER is suitable for both convivial and more intimate environments.

Also available in formats refill with stick diffusers, 500 ml with stick diffusers, 200 ml with stick diffuser, 100 ml with stick diffuser, 240 gram candle, 100 ml spray and 50 ml spray.

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Bathroom and SPA
Living area
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Floral Fragrances
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