Nero Divino - 250 ml with Stick diffusers

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This home fragrance mixes the green, fruity notes of blackberry, grapes and wild strawberry, with the strength of black pepper and incense, exalted by vetiver, cedar wood and bamboo. A refined, aromatic fragrance ideal for every environment.


NERO DIVINO contains different personalities: it is convivial, suitable for the dining room; sophisticated, perfect for studios and libraries; seductive, to enhance the intimacy of the bedroom. But it's also perfect for studios, shops and hotels.

In this home fragrance, the sour and fruity notes of blackberry, grape and wild strawberry combine with the intensity of black pepper and incense stimulated by vetiver, cedar wood and bamboo. The result is an aromatic and sophisticated bouquet that knows how to celebrate any type of environment.

Nero Divino - ml. 250 with stick diffusers.

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