Florentine spices - refill with stick diffusers - 2019

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Room Fragrances Living room
Room Fragrances Stores
Room Fragrances Kitchen
Room Fragrances lunchroom
Room Fragrances SPA - Beauty and Wellness
Room Fragrances Hotel
Fragrance Florentine spices
Getting back home to be enwrapped in the welcoming and joyful atmosphere of your family. Speziato FIORENTINO is a home fragrance with a confident, fresh personality, a mix of fresh, zesty orange, lemon and tangerine scents and the fragrant notes of cinnamon and cloves recalling Sunday lunches.

In the kitchen and in the dining room it ehances the aromas of your dishes, while in the living room it creates a convivial, jolly atmosphere.

Speziato Fiorentino sticks refill

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