Linen gift box contains of a 200 ml fragrance spray and one ceramic scent for clothes made of the best quality. Our fabric perfume sprays are made of natural essences of fruits, flowers, and other natural sources. This is why they keep your clothes refreshed, soft and smelling heavenly. Our Linen long lasting fragrance fabric softeners and scents are ideal for your closet, car, office and even luggage. Choose your favorite scent and enjoy the amazing smell. 
  • 6,97 €

    The divine ancient ambrosia is tinged with a soft pearl hue, light like the nectar of a flower. A creative experience for a sophisticated flowery and fruity fragrance, where white musk and the Bulgarian rose combined with nuances of sparkling champagne give the impression of a springtime symphony with flavourful notes of apple. A perfect combination...

  • 6,97 €

    Like a glass of good red wine, Black Divine combines the intense aroma of grapes and blackberry with the depth of incense, leather and black pepper. A refined and classy must have fragrances, characterized by hints of wood and bamboo that will take you to a journey immersed in intense feeling and flavours. 

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